Galilee Guide

The ERETZ Guide to Galilee is a different kind of guidebook. The guide contains 12 different routes each one written by a different guide and from a very personal experience. The guide includes a trip along the North Road, a visit to the Hula Valley, the Land of Naftali, Tikkun Olam among the tombs of Jewish saints and miracle makers, a trip through the Galilee Heartland, along the coastal plain of the Galilee, a rmable through Acre and more.

one and a half million people live in the Galilee, each one for their own special reason. Some like the wide open spaces, the green fields and the bright blue skies. Some like the sounds of nature – the wind blowing through the trees, the rush of water in the brooks and riverbeds, and some like the diverse population – a tapestry of religions, communities unparalled anywhere else in Israel.
Others like the magic and mystery of the Galilean sages and rabbis, the pilgrimage sites and tombs to pray at, and of course there are others who like the tasty culinary world of the Galilee, from the fruits to the crystal clear water.
This Galilee guide combines all of the above with the unique charateristics of Galilee.
The ERETZ Guide to Galilee includes 12 routes each one detailed by a different guide or expert with their own unique and different style, with insights that he or she would share with the traveler.
The routes in this guide are not the usual travel itinerary. They are ideas to be followed, highlights to pass by, or maybe stop for the view, the air, or the natural heritage.
And, if you detour from the route, as your own personal curiosity, or a whim, takes you, this guide has fulfilled its purpose.


Hadar Gatt and Yadin Roman
Size: 10 X 19 cms
Soft cover
162 pages
Full color
Airmail delivery from Israel.
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The ERETZ Magazine Guide to The Land of GALILEE
* The North Road * Hula Valley and its surroundings *The Land of Naftali * Tikkun Olam * The Synagogues of Safed
* A trip down Nahal Amud* Along Route 899 * Galilee Heartland* The Way of the Annunciation * Nazareth, Old City Quarters * The North Shore  Acre Ramble